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Rubem Didini


UNCOVERING AI TOOLS. Turn text into stunning and engaging comic images and strips - https://llamagen.ai

Cole Lawrence


Thanks for sharing! I hope the product is fun to build

Suresh Gunasekaran


LlamaGen.Ai provides a free AI image generator and AI animation generator. It makes the comic strip creation process easier and faster, focusing on creating consistent characters and controlling their pose, composition and style.



LlamaGen.Ai is a groundbreaking AI design tool that offers an unparalleled creative experience for designers worldwide. Its AI comic generator and image generator empower effortless and efficient creation, breaking the boundaries of traditional design.



Yeah I would be super happy to be in touch with people on your team and report some insights and ideas!

Filipa Kinomoto


Nice posts, LlamaGen!I would love to invite you to join my publication

Beau HU


LlamaGen.Ai is a world-class product that is revolutionizing the anime world. This powerful AI tool, created by a team deeply passionate about art and anime, is quietly changing how we experience this beloved medium.

Jake M.


As an avid creator of comic book style graphics, I've struggled to find a tool that truly allows me to unleash my creativity at scale. llamagen.ai not only breaks limits but shatters them, offering endless possibilities for my projects. It's the ultimate AI-powered solution I've been waiting for!

Sarah L.


I've tried numerous AI tools for image generation. And they are quite fun to play with but llamagen.ai is the first app I've actually saw a potential use-case. The character consistency really grabbed my attention as it's something I hadn't seen before and I can see the appeal for professionals and amateurs alike. Truly a game-changer!

Alex T.


Being part of the creative industry demands efficiency without sacrificing quality. llamagen.ai not only meets but exceeds these expectations. Really loved playing with the storyboarding and having an AI to help with not only image generation, but also the text content - it's really a nice way to help enhance the overall experience.

Maya S.


I enjoy a great comic book and have been very sceptical about AI. For example the criticisms of the Batman AI comic saga where not without merit. But through the scepticism I do see a place for such tools. While I still value an authentic man-made production, the ability for me to create something on my own (with a little help from AI) is really empowering and exciting.

Ryan P.


Impressed. This isn’t about generating comics, but creating experiences. It's like having a Hollywood studio at your fingertips, ready to turn your imagination into reality.

Taylor H.


Maintaining character consistency is a challenge that I did not expect to be overcome so fast. While not perfect at times, the results are impressive and I’m really looking forward to the chance to further customize my workflow and AI generation.

Michael T.


While the storytelling ability of AI seems not so creative, it does provide me with a great base to edit from and make it my own. And then the comic generation itself... simple, easy and truly impressive.

Melissa M.


It’s really exciting to see how AI is having an impact on the world around us. I loved playing with this tool.

Sophia R.


I've always been fascinated by the potential of AI to augment human creativity, and llamagen.ai is a beautiful showcase.

Michael B.


llamagen.ai has reignited my passion for storytelling. As a busy professional, finding time to pursue creative projects can be challenging. But this app has proven so easy to use... It's like having a creative companion by my side!